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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Compiling Vertminer 0.5.2 TheKev's Fork On Ubuntu 12.04

Tried this on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but it should work on any other Linux OS. Open a terminal.

sudo apt-get install autoconf opencl-headers libcurl4-openssl-dev libtool libncurses5-dev git

git clone

Download ADL (

Unzip and copy files from folder include  to vertminer-gpu/ADL_SDK/ folder

Go back to your terminal.

cd vertminer-gpu
sudo su
autoreconf -ivf
CFLAGS="-O2 -Wall -march=native" ./configure
sh ./

Friday, 11 April 2014

VTC/USD, VTC/EUR and VTC/GBP Python Script

You may  want download the file here: 

import urllib2
import json
import time
import pandas as pd
from pandas import Series, DataFrame
from urllib2 import URLError
import ystockquote

# Accessing VTC/BTC price from Cryptsy

def vtcbtc():
        raw = urllib2.urlopen("").read()
        dictionary = json.loads(raw)
        bidraw = dictionary['return']['VTC']['buyorders']
        newformatb = pd.DataFrame(bidraw)
        newnameb = newformatb.rename(columns={'price': 'BID'})
        global finalbid1
        finalbid1 = newnameb[0:1]
    except URLError, error:
        print error

#BTC/USD price from BTC-e

def btcusd():
    btcePrices = urllib2.urlopen("").read()
    btcejson = json.loads(btcePrices)
    global btcelastP 
    btcelastP = btcejson['ticker']['last']
    global btcelastB #bid
    btcelastB = btcejson['ticker']['sell']
    global btcelastA #ask
    btcelastA = btcejson['ticker']['buy']

def eurusd():
    global eur

def gpbusd():
    global gbp

# Calculates Vert/USD price

while True:
    pricevtcbtc = float(finalbid1["BID"])
    VertUSD = btcelastP * pricevtcbtc
    VertEUR = VertUSD / float(eur)
    VertGBP = VertUSD / float(gbp)
    print time.strftime('%I:%M%p %Z on %b %d, %Y')
    print "VERT/$", VertUSD
    print "VERT/EUR", VertEUR
    print "VERT/GBP", VertGBP
    time.sleep(20) #20 seconds.  
Sample Output