Linux Mint 13 - Black screen fix (live USB)

Recently I switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint 13 on my HP mini netbook. Unfortunately I encountered a  'black-screen problem' similar to the one I already knew from Backtrack 5 ( ).

The solution was:

press TAB
add to the line  "..... ...... .... quiet splash "one of the following (depending on your chip set of your video card):


If that does not work for you try to add "driver=intel". E.g. quiet splash i915.modeset=1 driver=intel.

I had success with that. Hope it works for you too!


  1. This worked for me, but how do I permanently store this edit?

  2. Hi.

    I am afraid as long as you use the live USB, you need to change the settings on every boot.

    1. You can make the changes on the USB itself, so it will be permanent without having to change on every boot, just edit this file:


      You can add your options there :)


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